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Melamine Shelving For Master Closets


 Your closet is your space. Rubbermaid wood closet systems offer you luxury, comfort and convenience.

Colors Available: Choose from White, Cherry, Mahogany or Maple finishes. Our color options allow you to match your home's personality and style.

Floor vs. Wall Mount: For a true built-in furniture look, choose a Floor Mounted closet system. Wall Mounted systems allow you to vacuum beneath and easily replace carpet.

Double Hanging: You'll get twice as much space for shirts, blouses and trousers by choosing a Double Hang configuration.

Long Hanging: You need to devote at least 10% of your closet to Long Hanging space for coats and dresses.

Drawers: Drawers add the look of built-in furniture to your closet plus offer a private solution to organizing your clothes. Available in two styles: raised or flat panels.

Cabinet Doors: Conceal folded sweaters or stacks of clothing behind Cabinet Doors giving your closet the look of fine furniture. Available in three styles: raised panel, flat panel or raised panel with a glass insert.

Shoe Shelves: Keep shoes accessible and off the floor with our Shoe Shelves. Front fence holds shoes in place.

Shoe Cubbies: Shoe Cubbies provide you with another option to organize your shoes and keep them within easy reach.


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